PVRIS have always held a rather mysterious aesthetic but as of recent, the teasers they’ve put out have been much more cryptic. Playing around with implications that the band would end, the idea of death and rebirth and all leading to the unveiling of their new album.

Yes, we finally have the title of PVRIS’ second album All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need From Hell. It came in the form of an album trailer which see’s frontwoman Lynn Gunn waking in a bathtub and smashing the infamous mirror used so often in videos from the White Noise era.

The title was first seen as a quote on a card mailed randomly to some fans before it was then released on social media, with many left wondering what it all could mean. With some of those questions now answered, we can only look forward to a single release from PVRIS to follow the plethora of new music from similar artists as of late.

You can watch the teaser for All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need From Hell above.