The dark-pop or sad-pop movement of recent years brought a lot of new sounds from their moody atmospheres in to the fore, with the likes of Banks, Lykke Li and Lana Del Ray leading the pack of artists that have made this sound their forté. Sadly, the genres progression took somewhat of a pause from the limelight as Pop music shied away from these sounds and moods. They were perhaps too fervidly complex for a mainstream audience to grasp on a regular basis, which is understandable to some degree, not everybody wants to have an introspective moment on their commute to work for example.

Looking to set the wheels in motion once again and drive the genre forward with fresh ideas is Brooklyn based artist Sara Kendall. With a voice that sounds like the love child of aforementioned dark-pop heavyweights mixed with liberal amounts of Kate Bush, Kendall avoids any hype building trends and works with a timeless, cinematic sound that her distinctive melancholic voice suits with aplomb.

Latest offering See Through opposes it’s namesake with it’s pensive density, with a sparse production providing space for Kendall’s tones to slowly unfold the subtext of it’s motivation. Simple, driving lyrics allow the listener to reach their own conclusion, but Kendall shares:

“I wrote ‘See Through’ on my loop station using only vocals to build the atmosphere around the lyrics. This approach made the translation of it for the EP so natural and we were able to finish the track quite quickly. It’s about acknowledging unjust or wrongful behaviour and rattling the cage.”

Listen to See Through below, taken from her forthcoming EP Comply: