In a Pop world dominated by tracks that grip with a lyrical narrative it’s often easy to forget the impact and moods that are brought by acts that choose to stay entirely instrumental. Some fall into the trap of potentially sounding better with a vocal accompaniment but someone executing their instrumental vision with finesse is Altvater, hailing from Columbia, South Carolina.

Altvater takes the timeless route, not choosing to hop on any trends to garner attention, opting for a J-Dilla meets Tycho crossover that works as well as it sounds. Both acts are known for the palpable vibe that they offer when creating a track and Altvater follows through with finesse, hot on their heels with his latest offering Moonbird. The infectious and chilled vibe is apparent from the start, only proving to evolve and become more interesting as you journey through the track, with the lo-fi drums providing a backbone and head-nodding groove.

Check out Moonbird below:

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