There’s plenty of artists trying their hand at spreading their appeal as far as possible by becoming the ‘jack of all genres / master of none’, but unfortunately in a lot of cases the emphasis is on the latter half of the phrase. The key characteristic to execute this properly is not only a refined artistic vision, but a voice that transcends genres as well – and latest to step up to the mic (and doing so with aplomb) is British-Chinese artist Lui Peng. Coming from a grassroots background, Lui has never been bound by a genre, and that’s where the element of genius in terms of engagement comes into play; you don’t know what to expect from him next.

Forging forward from his early acoustic beginnings, Lui incorporates more contemporary electronic elements of late but still keeps the organic elements close to his heart. No Rush is an alt-R&B track that allows for a warm and pensive moment, addressing the stress that the rush of the everyday brings and encourages the listener to take things a little slower – a concept that will resonate with anybody.

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