Newcomer Luna steps onto the scene with a sound self-described as “Pop electronica, full of melancholy but also full of hope”. Growing up immersed in music, and teaching herself guitar, she has a firm grasp on her craft and is ready to share it with the world.

Her debut Try Again? spins a real life narrative of her drink being spiked, and addresses the short and long term affects that his had on her. Dealing in a moody electro pop atmosphere, the murky electronics provide the perfect space for her distinctive voice to shine, with a performance reminiscent of the genre’s icons.

“The song is full of confusion, feeling and resentment. It’s based on a time I got my drink spiked at a party I  was trying to host, and everything kept unravelling at the seams. It’s a song full of anxiety, which is something I love to subtly discuss in my music”

Her main motivation is the taboo of mental health and the anxiety she faces on a regular basis, aiming to provide comfort to her audience that no doubt relate to her experiences. With such a stellar debut and powerful message, keep your eyes peeled for what’s to come from such a promising talent.

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