Unknown Caller took some time away from his music to understand what his unique sound was unravelling to become. Perhaps writers block also had a hand in the decision but being a self producing artist, it allows for total creative control over your art but puts all of the variables in the hands of the artist which can be overwhelming.

It wasn’t until his inspiring trips across East Asia that he began to understand his creative potential with him focusing his efforts on the solid foundation of songwriting, pulling from the conventions of pop through the decades. Now poised and fuelled by his refined vision, Unknown Caller offers up Sayonara, the effortlessly catchy summery hit that fuses iconic 80s themes with cutting edge indie pop – tune in below.

“This song is the result of embracing change and throwing yourself into a completely new environment. It was my first time writing music on the other side of the world and I felt free from conventions that I previously held close.” – Unknown Caller

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