Artistic identity is a wildly comprehensive topic in the music industry as it can often pigeonhole artists into certain styles where they daren’t risk alienate their fans by straying too far from their familiar palette of sounds.

In the case of London based alt-pop artist Vivienne Chi, she’s decided to lean into further into her electronic side after a lifetime immersed in an eclectic range of music. Typically more of an indie pop act, Vivienne Chi retains her identity across the two styles by virtue of her distinctive honeyed vocals and stellar songwriting. Under Your Skin still carries the gripping and grooving elements of her back catalogue, but ahead of her upcoming triptych release of electro pop, Vivienne whets our appetite with what’s to come.

This future house flavoured cut sees Vivienne Chi at her prime, lyrically spinning a narrative interpersonal connection for an honest narrative and direction for the slick production.

Speaking on Under Your Skin, Vivienne says “‘Under Your Skin’ speaks of the realisation of a lost connection due to circumstance, London lifestyle, over-doing it, wanting to escape it all and take a journey somewhere. Harry & I wrote the whole track in a couple of hours, it fell into our laps.

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