We fell for Charlee back in July off the back of her emphatically delivered alt electro pop triumph To Tell You The Truth that stood out amongst the crowds of emerging artists with its trend defying “je ne sais quoi”, needless to say we were hooked. Charlee returns once more to whet our appetites once more ahead of her upcoming album Sad Girl Music with My Worst.

The ying to To Tell You The Truth‘s yang, rather than showing her triumphant melancholy once more, My Worst brings another dimension to the table with an inimitable attitude that expresses what Charlee is capable of in both creative execution and musical finesse. Her distinct glossy electro pop flavours incorporate contemporary elements of hip hop, providing the perfect vehicle for her to flex both her voice and lyrical message.

Charlee shares the motivation behind My Worst, stating “I would never plainly describe myself as a writer. I’m more of a rewriter. I write and rewrite and agonize over lyrics, trying to pump as much meaning and profundity into them as I can. But in the instance of “My Worst,” I was just seeing red. Simple as that. My universe had turned crimson. I was furious. There was no need for massive rumination—anger happens to be one of the most inspiring and fueling emotions of them all, and I let it have its way with me.

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