Pop music is a very wide road, always has been and only continues to get wider. With all the artists bustling to get a share of their fifteen minutes of fame, emerging French talent BLOWSOM sits back, letting his consummate indie-electro speak for itself.

Arnaud Bernard, better known by his monicker, BLOWSOM, took his name from the word ‘blossom’, and with each release Arnaud’s talents only prove to bloom further as he becomes more comfortable with his natural affinity to music. Old 21 explores themes of age, not wanting to grow up and Peter Pan Syndrome – a concept that’s no doubt close to more than a few hearts. Delivering the message with an effortless panache, the track feels to not belong to this era in the best kind of way, living the dichotomy of feeling both incredibly cutting edge as well as a slick ode to sounds of the past.

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