Electronic music is in a constant state of evolution with the tools so readily available, and the internet providing boundless inspiration for artists across the globe.

Copenhagen based producer, DJ and vocalist Fabian Mazur takes the Danish music scene to the world with his eclectic take on bass heavy EDM. Growing up immersed in music with a musical family, Fabian is always thinking a step beyond his contemporaries by pushing his sound to the extent of its limit’s. The result is that no release sounds similar to the next, but in the best way possible as he consistently stays fresh, while retaining a distinctive punchy character which is inimitably Fabian’s.

Latest track Level Up is an aggressive trap-hybrid that shirks trends and carries a smooth swing between the slick-as-anything futuristic drops. Already a huge name of the scene, be on the watch for what’s next from Fabian Mazur as it’s sure to blow you away.

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