It wasn’t all that long ago that we caught wind of the indie-pop wunderkind Tommy Newport with his retro-alternative love song Mr. Angel .

We touched on the fact that his sound lives the dichotomy of being both refreshingly contemporary and charmingly nostalgic, but adding to that fine line now is his ability leap from genre to genre with a seamless ease. While Mr. Angel is your far typical ballad, latest On Top is a funk-ridden strut in another direction, but retains all the Tommy Newport hallmarks; hazy vocals, lo-fi self-made production, and iconic songwriting.

“On Top is a funky alt track that I’ve been excited to share for a while. I have always loved tracks that make you want to get up as soon as they start and dance and I wanted to have one of my own for people to resonate with”

Tune in now, prepare to get lost in the groove and be on the watch for his new album Just To Be Ironic due out on November 16th.

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