Starting her musical journey as an acoustic singer-songwriter akin to the likes of She & Him, Surrey-based songstress Bryony Dunn went through a bold reimagination of her sound and emerged as an electro-pop starlet with a shimmeringly bright future.

Her new EP Full Bloom, which features the soaring, genre-bending title track from earlier this year, is a bold debut of her new sound. Citing alt-pop phenomenon Christine & The Queens as her main influence, you can hear the off-center inspiration in the melancholic charm of Monochrome as well as it’s subtle flavour throughout the project.

Bryony is the embodiment of what’s great about pop right now. Wearing her heart on her sleeve she pens intimate songs honest to her with a classic songwriting finesse inspired by her musical past and brings the emotion into balance with upbeat, crisp productions brimming with energy from across the spectrum.