Starting his musical journey as solely a producer, Arizona-based off-pop artist jfarr triumphs in his continued vocal efforts on latest track thinking of ya. Having a hand in every step of the creation process of his music allows for complete control of his vision, and it’s clear that this exciting new talent has no trouble in executing it with a precise, contemporary finesse.

Best described by jfarr himself, he shares:

I wrote the song when I was really sad in my apartment, the rainfall was making me feel super weird. I wrote this song about somebody I use to chill with and vibe with a lot. But unfortunately, I don’t talk to that person anymore and haven’t really heard much from them since I moved. I think anyone can really relate to this song. We’ve all had that person in our life that we use to be great friends with or in a relationship with and then it ends for whatever reason. I wanted to keep it light-hearted and fun though, and of course, I love my 80’s synthesizers in the chorus!

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