The creative process is different for every artist, and there’s no doubt a handful of different processes that come to mind when you imagine artists writing songs – you may even have first-hand experience of this. In the case of New Orleans based artist Luxley, it’s a touch out of the ordinary and creates some truly inspired results.

Chromatics is an expression of my chromasthesia, where I see sound as color. The biggest driving force for this new record is wanting people to see the colors that I see, and have them experience the feelings created by the color spectrum of the record. Every song has different colors, and they correspond to the ones that I see when I hear the songs. These colors are found in the track artwork. The themes express feelings about being unsettled, feelings that are bittersweet, some euphoric, and some a little more raw. Chromatics is a departure from my previous work. The previous direction wasn’t speaking to me anymore,but I think that experience was invaluable. Since the change, I feel like I can connect with people on a more fundamental level.

Chromatics is an interstellar journey through the colourful mind of its creator, a stream of electronic consciousness from a profoundly inspired artist.


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