Stockholm producer Finis Mundi has slowly risen to the top of the pile thanks to his off the wall approach to his productions, sidestepping to rules of so-called genre. Fusion is clearly his forte, pulling forward-thinking production ideals to his very distinct and crisp approach – top notch stuff.

“I was supposed to take on a remix of Billie Eilish’s ”lovely” when I produced ”Right Now?” last summer, it ended up that I pretty much lost the whole vibe of it. Me and my manager came up last September that this track might be the best way to show the world what my sound it going towards to; a more experimental and dark pop type of sound. ‘Right Now?’ is one of the demos that I felt like ‘ah screw it, let people hear this’, this is my way to try to push my more experimental side. I would describe this track as an echo of a heartbroken person questioning it’s lover ‘what makes you so happy right now?’ in silence. All alone.”

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