Have you ever listened to Machine Head and felt like there are not enough EDM-style drops or Skrillex-influenced bass-wobbles? If you have, The Izuna Drop could be your new favourite band. Formerly known as Shellshock, the newly kung-fu-monikered five piece fuse together time-shifting metal with a harsh/clean dual vocal assault and expertly intermingled elements of techno, house and dubstep. Or more concisely: They sound like Dillinger Escape Plan and deadmau5 brutally double-teaming post-Minutes to Midnight Linkin Park. Their recently released self-titled EP is the first taste of this interesting proposition.

With the oriental-flavoured name and metal/dance hybrid style, comparisons to Enter Shikari will always surface, but The Izuna Drop are far from mere copists. For one The Izuna Drop’s schizophrenic song composition lends their EP a certain energy and spontaneity. EP highlight ‘Death of Fun’ begins with a punishing 45 second double-time metal assault before revealing washes of cool EDM instrumental accenting the track’s overall ferocity, further augmented by touches of Eastern-influenced vocal harmonies. The dance elements rather than bleeping and blooping at random are integrated to create a smooth if savage listening experience, even if the songs themselves are slightly forgettable. Sure the lyrics are po-faced and at times laughable (who names a song: ‘Death of Fun’?), but they are better than the overtly political rantings of Shikari’s Rou Reynolds. Sorry Rou, but in The Izuna Drop, we have a winner.

[rating: 3.5]