Escape The Fate - I Am Human
3.0Overall Score

This review could begin with telling you the backstory of the band Escape The Fate, but it’s a tale which everyone should be aware of by now. I Am Human is the fifth album by the band that has featured vocalist Craig Mabbitt, so there’s no use dwelling on the past of this band. Establishing themselves as the heavy hitting, anthemic singing, guitar soloing Las Vegas natives, it would be rude to say Escape The Fate are back in 2018, because they never really went away.

Beautifully Tragic begins with the classic Escape the Fate guitar tone, a metallic, almost distorted, sound. A chorus is something Escape The Fate are not shy of and Beautifully Tragic has a prime example of this. Again there is a stereotypical Escape The Fate guitar solo from Kevin ‘Thrasher’ Gruft that, with absolute certainty, would sound wicked live.

Broken Heart is pretty self explanatory, lyrically. But, on a deeper level, the song is more about a shattered relationship. Escape The Fate are all about telling stories that they have lived and people that they have encountered and this song is no different; the lyrics are relatable and have a honest, raw edge to them. Cliché-titled Love Is A Four Letter Word is an anthem ready for arenas and having already debuted the song live on their last visit to the UK, it’s clear that this will become a new fan favourite.

I Will Make It Up To You has a similar drum fill as Dance Dance by Fall Out Boy to begin and there are definite mid-noughties emo vibes to the track. This is the first song on the album that feels like it has been influenced by the band’s first two albums; the classic Dying Is Your Latest Fashion and the stellar This War Is Ours, as the guitar solos could’ve been sampled from it. Bleed For Me is the closest you’ll get to a ballad with Escape The Fate, there are uses of electronics within the track which is a fresh sound for the band, but it isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Do You Love Me has been doing the rounds on the internet for a while and the reaction from the ETF fans has been largely positive which could bes down to the core of the song; there is an anthemic chorus, sharp screams on vocals, harsh guitar licks and a classic guitar solo. Title track I Am Human has the most relatable lyrics on the album; “I am strong, I am weak, I am everything between, I am proud to be me, I am human. I am weird, I’m a freak, I am different, I’m unique, I will love who I please, I am human, you are just like me”. The track is uplifting and has a great meaning to it. Yes, at times the lyrics can be a little cheesy but who doesn’t love some quality cheddar.

If Only is a sweet acoustic ditty but doesn’t pack any sort of punch and would pass even the most alert listener by. Empire is a fiery number that uses electronic timbres well and the high point of the track is the sing-along chorus. The further you get through the album, the songs are simpler and the sound becomes a little repetitive.

Digging My Own Grave brings the energy back and has major flashbacks to the This War Is Ours era of the band, the hardcore fans are reassured that the metal hasn’t quite left the Escape The Fate sound yet. The screeches towards the end are exquisitely piercing. Good vibes continue on Resistance, a definitive festival anthem that has all the qualities of a solid tune and the thought of jumping up and down to this track in a field is ridiculously inviting. Finishing off the album on a pleasant note is a re-release of Let Me Be from their previous offering Hate Me. The track is a folk sounding electro-acoustic number but doesn’t really have a place on the album, maybe it’s a slight bit of self-indulgence on the band’s part?

Overall the album is a solid collection of typical Escape The Fate classics. No, it’s not This War Is Ours part 2 but it definitely has elements from their earlier work as a band. Every listener can take something away from this album; whether it is a lyric that resonated with their life or the sound of a killer riff that’ll be going round their head for days. If you’re a fan of Escape The Fate you’re going to love this album no matter what but unfortunately there’s nothing that stands out on this record to attract the newer fans to listen to more of their back catalogue.