While riding their success into the festival season, London-based duo AlunaGeorge have released their debut album Body Music, after having released a selection of EPs and singles every few months for almost two years. Their most notable track to date saw them featuring on Disclosure’s ‘White Noise’, which reached number two in the UK singles chart.

Consisting of Aluna Francis’ soulful yet sweet vocals and George Reid’s futuristic and clean production, AlunaGeorge create an individual but familiar sound. It combines some of the most forward-thinking elements of pop, garage and R&B to create the perfect fusion, which plays on elements that we recognise, but have been pushed in all different directions to create a sound unique to themselves.

This sound was outlined in prior releases, and Body Music continues to build on this identity. Reid’s approach towards music production is that it’s “so easy to get lost in software, you get to a point where so many noises might be carrying the song, rather than the song carrying everything else. So that’s my excuse for having nothing in there”. This allows his production and groove to shine, creating the perfect backdrop for Francis’ voice.

The album is a sign pointing towards the new direction that modern pop music is heading, or at least should be. Alongside this forward-moving aperture, the album acts as a warped and futuristic homage to the duo’s wide variety of influences which have been cited to include artists such as Flying Lotus, Chris Clark, Hudson Mohawke, Aaliyah and CocoRosie to name but a few.

Body Music does the job as a straightforward and vibrant pop record, as well as carrying the appeal for all kinds of listeners.


Listen to a minimix of the album here, and check out AlunaGeorge on Facebook and Twitter.