Bath-based hardcore/pop punk quintet Decade haven’t been on the scene for very long, yet they’ve gotten themselves noticed just enough to make Good Luck one of the many eagerly anticipated albums of 2014 for fans everywhere. They’ve been working hard on this album for a while now, and it has definitely been worth the wait. This time around, they’ve showcased the band’s many skills such as catchy choruses, guitar riffs that make you want to jump about and a range of typical downbeat pop punk lyrics –  but what would pop punk be without sad lyrics to scream out and relate to? Nothing.

After a name change from Ready Set Low, Decade went on tour in 2011 making their mark joining the likes of D.R.U.G.S, Forever The Sickest Kids and Set Your Goals on a full UK tour along with many summer slots at festivals like Sonispere, Make A Scene and Slam Dunk. That same year, they released their first single ‘The Doctor Called (Turns Out I’m Sick As Fuck)’ on Slam Dunk Records. This received a very positive response and was heavily played on Scuzz TV, and shortly after was celebrated with interviews and features in huge music magazines like Rocksound and Kerrang!. Shortly after, they released an EP, and with all the buzz they had received from social media and press, they began work on their debut album.

The title track, ‘Good Luck’ starts out with quiet guitar picking before bursting into a high energy track and from the first listen, the chorus and bridge get caught in your head, and you are bound to find yourself putting it on repeat before even listening to the rest of the album. The song includes the lyrics “I’m not saying that punk rock saved my life, but it told me I’m doing this right” which stands out and really shows off how much the band are trying and love what they do. Overall, it’s a great choice for an opener because it really sets the theme of the album.

With this album it’s quite hard to pinpoint an exact highlight, as the album demonstrates solid brilliance track through track. Although, another of the main highlights of this albums is ‘Coffin’, which is the eighth track on the album. It almost mimics ‘Good Luck’ at the start, jumping from slower and deeper verses then back into a loud, energetic chorus multiple times, creating a brand new sound that we haven’t heard from Decade before. Out of every song on the album, this could possibly be the fan favourite as it blends in a mix of sad yet hopeful lyrics, making it easy for listeners to relate to and let loose over.

Compared to their previously released debut EP, Decade have really changed both their sound and approach to music. “To put it bluntly, this is all we’ve got, we didn’t do great at school or college and we all have shitty jobs, so this is our best shot.” says vocalist Alex Sears. They really are planning to go all out on their music now, letting themselves open up to new sounds and skills. They’ve abandoned some things they’ve experimented with in the past such as gang vocals, so they can focus on creating a new ‘uniquely British’ sound. It is evident they are beginning to take their career more seriously and made some significant but great changes to their style and sound. Lyrically, the band have stuck to the same themes whilst in the writing process, although they have clearly still worked hard to create more diverse songs than before. It is a pop punk record, but there is clear influence from bands such as Four Years Strong and, in parts, even Brand New.


Good Luck will be released on 13th January via Spinefarm Records and can be pre-ordered on iTunes. You can also listen to their latest single ‘British Weather’ below.