The all-girl American indie-pop band Dum Dum Girls delight us this year with their third album Too True. With the recent success of other girl groups such as Haim, the 80s dream-pop genre seem to be making a comeback, and 2014 is a fine opportunity for the Dum Dum Girls to hit the ground running. For this album, singer Dee Dee Perry has said that artists such as Suede, Madonna and The Stone Roses have influenced her most for this new sound. She has used these influences to really up the band’s game by keeping their old style, but updating it to a more modern and pop-like tone.

These girls show their feistiness and musically diverse talents in the up-tempo ‘Too Good To Be True’. Overlaying vocal harmonies mix with plucked guitar and bass from Jules and Malia, accompanied by Sandy’s rhythms to create a feeling similar to having a really good cocktail for the first time, and wanting another almost immediately.

Dee Dee’s voice reflects Madonna’s early work in the 80s, similar to that of ‘Like a Prayer’ or ‘Open Your Heart’. The album carries quite a soft 80s dream-pop feel throughout the album. However, this is not to say it isn’t full of energy. The songs really draw you in and make you pay attention to the lyrics. This isn’t always the case when listening to a new record, but the tracks on this album consist of great lyrics and harmonious vocal talent, with the girls’ voices being mostly exposed and not covered up by fancy synths or overdone auto-tuning.

The well known ‘Lost Boys and Girls Club’ video premiered with H&M on 31st October 2013. Made up of an intriguing concoction of synths and processed guitars, it’s catchy and memorable, a good choice as the first single. The final track on the album ‘Trouble Is My Name’ is a great way to end the record, its tone and melodies have a dream-like quality that you could imagine being used for a film soundtrack, either in a specific scene or fading out into ending credits.

It could possibly be seen as an album targeted more towards the female audience, think Cyndi Lauper’s ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’, but there’s nothing stopping male music fans from enjoying it. This is an excellent record to go with those long summer road trips and BBQ antics. This is their best work, and it will be interesting to see how these girls perform this new material for a live show.


Too True is available now on iTunes. Check out the video for ‘Lost Boys and Girls Club’ below.