Indoor War is the long-awaited debut album from Southampton rockers Natives that is set for release later this month, and is sure to create a tempest wall of thoughtful pop rock. Originally performing under the name Not Advised, the band changed their name and subsequently their style before launching in to a hectic touring schedule in order to put themselves out there and gain a following. Having toured with the likes of Don Broco, Mayday Parade and The Summer Set, Natives are about to embark on a headline tour across the UK and Europe in support of this incredible first album.

Kicking of with ‘War Inside Of Me’, a brand new piano-laced anthem that hits the spot from the get-go, Indoor War immediately promises to be a solid release that won’t disappoint. Next up is ‘This Island’, which will be familiar with anyone who has seen the band live before as it is their staple track – their tradition is to send the crowd in to a dance contest, for which the prize is a polaroid picture of the fans that is taken minutes before. A strong track, certain to have you singing along after the first few listens!

‘Can’t Say No’ is the song behind Natives’ latest music video release, which of course makes it undoubtedly incredible already. It’s a pop rock dance party from start to finish, with a touching breakdown that will make it a fan favourite when the band play it live in the UK later this month. The album slows down a bit with the lyrically intriguing song ‘L.O.V.E.’, but quickly picks back up with the entrancing harmonies in ‘Big Plans’, which is another crowd pleaser from shows past.

With feel-good number ‘The Horizon’, lead singer Jim Thomas delivers an incredible vocal performance comparable to that of chart-topping rock bands’ vocalists, but even better as it’s still got that very distinct style and feel unique to Natives alone. They take a vaguely indie approach with final track ‘For Everything’, which has been a part of their live sets for most of their career but hadn’t previously been released recorded.

Overall, the anticipation behind Indoor War has been a wait well worth it. Proof that British rock is far from dying out, this record is the product of a hard-working band that deserves the recognition its bound to receive. Regardless of lyric themes, Natives’ songs have a magic about them that put the listener in a good mood, making Indoor War the perfect ‘cheer up’ album.