French artists We Were Evergreen have completed their fascinating debut album Towards. The trio of Fabienne, William and Michael settled into London life four years ago to pursue their music dream, creating an effortlessly original sounding mix of indie, electro and pop genres. Having very recently supported critically acclaimed artist Goldfrapp on their tour, We Were Evergreen have been quickly gaining well-deserved recognition from the music industry and media.

The two previously released singles ‘False Start’ and ‘Daughters’ (which both have videos that can be checked out on YouTube) have pleasurable, unexpected changes in synth melodies and drumbeats, making it hard to resist listening closely to the detail and hard work We Were Evergreen have put into making their debut album a stunning musical effort.

‘Quicksand’ has more of a haunting tone through the track. What makes it particularly intriguing is how they really mix up the lead vocals between each song, making it either more male or female dominated and then bringing both together to create an eclectic, harmonious sound. ‘Best Thing’ has a real mix of assorted reggae-like percussion elements, and is a very cheerful track that brings up memories of summer flings.

Another standout track is ‘Tambourine Like A Crown’, a great upbeat pop tune, which is definitely a great crowd pleaser to get up and get the dancing shoes on to. The next song, however, has a very different feel; ‘Golden Fire’ being more chilled out and one you would more likely sway to.

Michael explains the reasoning behind the name Towards: “It’s the idea that, whatever you’re doing, you are moving, whether or not it is your own choice. Towards is the idea that the album is the result of this evolution that we’ve had over five years.”

Some of the best artists that have come to be utilise different sounds and techniques in each of their songs on their records, and that’s something that has been greatly achieved by We Were Evergreen. It shows the potential for growth, as this album represents the beginning of their journey with music so far. It represents different emotions and environments which makes it more diverse and interesting. These guys have really achieved that well in 42 minutes, from chilled out to dancey tunes, it will be the summer soundtrack to festivities of festivals, BBQs and Pimms afternoons, and the perfect chance for their individuality to be exposed to the UK music fanatics.


Towards comes out on 5th May, around the same time as their UK tour dates, when they will show the UK their individual sound and originality.