After a four year draught The Ready Set has finally released the highly anticipated third album The Bad & The Better; 11 incredibly catchy pop anthems that are perfect additions to that summer time soundtrack playlist we all have. The brains behind the operation Jordan Witzigreuter recently signed to a new label for the release of this new album, but has managed to stick to his roots by delivering sugary melodies with thoughtful lyrics that are sure to easily win over the fans that have been desperate for new material.

The first track ‘Higher’ is a fast-paced number that begins with a quaint acoustic introduction before the pop-infused electronics kick in. The lyrics are wonderfully insightful – “now we’re swinging from the stars we were reaching for,” which showcases Witzigreuter’s famed songwriting ability. As the album transitions in to the second track, ‘Freakin’ Me Out’, the listener is presented with quite a different experience. Auto-tuned, absorbed vocals that still somehow work will have you singing along in no time with just how catchy it is – a theme that is consistent across the record.

Soon after is the strangely titled ‘Fangz’, which despite The Ready Set’s reputation could easily be a track laid down at a nightclub. Despite the simple melody, the beat is strong; the interesting way in which the song is put together is sure to be intriguing to older fans of The Ready Set who are used to the style presented in older material. In contrast, ‘Carry Me Home’ could easily be confused for a song by The Vamps with its huge chorus and sugar sweet vocals – you’ll be murmuring ‘lah-di-dah’ for days on end!

Up and coming rapper Jake Miller is featured on ‘Castaway’, which naturally has a slower, R&B feel to its melody and lyrics. The combination of Witzigreuter’s high vocals with Miller’s lines is definitely a spectacle, pushing the track in to what could easily be an anthem – it’s certain to go down a treat if performed live.

The Bad & The Better rounds off with ‘Give Me Your Hand (Best Song Ever)’ which is the definition of a pop song from this era. Sure to get you on the dancefloor, The Ready Set really did save the best for last – the vaguely EDM melody completes a track that is impossible to dislike, even if you wouldn’t necessarily listen to the pop genre. If you’re looking for a feel-good record to help you get through a boring day by adding some colour to it, this is definitely the one. Doom and gloom take a back seat when it comes to The Ready Set’s new angle!