Circa is the latest release and third studio album by Brighton based Indie rock band The Mojo Fins. Coming in at ten tracks in length, a few of these were played live to audiences the shape the album prior to completion. Circa comes after spending the winter months at the renowned Rockfield Studios with producer Dave Eringa. The band believes that the album expresses their progress over the years as a band and their struggles in overcoming the death of original vocalist, Jon Chandler.

The album opens with latest single ‘Longwave Reach’, an emotional track with lyrics penned by guitarist Adam Luke Atkins about a friend who had passed away. Although being about death and having an emotional side to it, it is impossible to ignore that the tone of the track does somewhat hint at the celebration of the life and the impact that they had in the lives of those they knew.

The very first single to be released off the album, ‘Introverts’ is a catchy piece inspired by the book ‘The Power Of Introverts’ by Susan Cain. The track certainly allows the band to show off their ability to create catchy pieces, especially with the heavy use of electronic samples throughout the introduction. Although the electronic elements dwindle as the track progresses, they do still remain within the track coupled with exciting riffs from the guitars to create a track with a high level of energy throughout. Most definitely a track you’ll have stuck in your head for days.

Cleverly, the band have two songs on the album that act as counterpoints to each other. One of these tracks being ‘Catholic Guilt’ a mellow, acoustic laden track written about a park in Brighton that frontman Stephen Brett ties to ‘milestones and rites of passage’. The other being ‘Grass’ that brings forward a much more carefree tone. Together, the songs showcase different perspectives on growing up.

The album does not end on an upbeat note, but with a darker tone that somewhat sounds eerie and out of this world. However, this is a splendid portrayal of the bands idea of a more ‘distracted and alienated’ tone that pans throughout the lengthy intro. Though the intro to the track is lengthy, it is certainly a good idea to listen to the entirety of the track. You will not only be amazed by how beautifully put together it is, but also the creativity taken in approach to this track. Through the idea of having music to link between tracks, the band have created a refreshing new track whilst paying high attention to detail and musicianship throughout.

Circa truly shows how far the band have been able to come from their release of their first demo in 2003. The album seems to be close and personal to the band, with songs that have themes reflecting issues and memories that they hold dear. This is definitely an album to look out for and a band that will go far. Circa is certainly an essential in any indie-rock fan’s playlist; the album falls nothing short of anything an indie fan would want.


Check out their new single ‘Longwave Reach’ below and if you like what you hear, most certainly go pick up their album on iTunes, this is not one to miss!