Originating from Brooklyn, New York, indie band The Antlers have released their new album Familiars. There is definitely a big trend in the music industry at the moment for the orchestral and ambient-like sounds and if you are a fan of artists like Arthur Beatrice and London Grammar, then you simply must check out The Antlers. The difference is that these are three guys from Brooklyn who have their own American twist on the current popular British sound.

Darby Cicci, Michael Lerner and Peter Silberman are the trio that make up the band and the intellectual sounds they create. Each song on this record is an eclectic mix of folk, indie and orchestral tones. This is also a band that won’t just be liked by the typical music fanatic, they have the potential to be liked by everybody and would do well at big outdoor shows, whether it be a music festival or a high end venue like Somerset House, which is known for putting on concerts in the summer months.

‘Palace’ is one song that already seems familiar (hence the album name?). Having knowingly not heard it before, it’s a peculiar gut reaction to already feel like you know the song. What is great about this song is that it has so many layers; the complex sounds of all the instruments playing together as if a full orchestra were performing is a real treat to one’s ears.

Something that this reviewer notices about the track ‘Hotel’ is how it is reminiscent of David Bowie’s famous song, ‘Life on Mars’. In fact, Silberman has a Bowie-like voice, crossed with Coldplay’s Chris Martin. Perhaps these guys could be future legends, up among Bowie and Coldplay’s ranks? They all start somewhere!

They generally carry a very mellow tone throughout the record, however this does not mean they would be a mellow band to watch live. These guys without a doubt have the potential to really mix things up and rock out hard without having to do the stereotypical rock-type anthems. Other songs worth paying close attention to are ‘Revisited’ and ‘Surrender’.

After listening to the album a few times, they definitely have their own distinguished sound which will remind you of timeless bands like Coldplay or Snow Patrol, who have their recognisable methods when creating their records. But this makes a band unique, with their own style to stick to, but still mixing things up in different ways to keep themselves relevant no matter the decade.

Familiars is available now in the UK via Transgressive Records. Catch The Antlers on their UK tour in October this year, they are definitely a band to catch early before they hit the big time.