If you haven’t already heard of Royal Blood, then where have you been for this last year? They’re hard to miss. For a duo, these guys make a hell of a lotta noise! You really wouldn’t think there were only two of them, being Mike Kerr vocalist and bassist and drummer Ben Thatcher. Heavy rock beats and strong riffs, they have an incredible energy that sets them apart from other music trends that are currently out there. There is definitely a gap in the music market for a new rock band to break out, and Royal Blood could be that band. These guys have been on the radar for a long while, and finally, their long-awaited debut album is out. Having gained a lot of publicity from supporting Arctic Monkeys this year and played an awesome set at T in the Park among other festivals, we’ve taken a look at the best bits of their self-titled album.

Royal Blood are bringing alternative grunge rock trend back, The already released ‘Come On Over’ features heavy drums and the fast, catchy guitar riffs, which can be heard throughout the record. Definitely music to play air guitar to!

‘Figure It Out’ is a real tease of a tune. The final part of the song is a highlight, as it really gets the heart racing. You can imagine seeing it live and being close to the speakers, the drums making the blood pump through your veins. It would definitely be one to draw out to really get the audience going!

Other songs to pay attention to are ‘Loose Change’ and ‘Ten Tonne Skeleton’, both great tracks and maintaining the album’s high energy. One thing that helps make this a great album is no song sounds completely the same. Although it is clear that these guys have a signature sound, they use it wisely and their future development is certainly going to be intriguing.

Coming in at just under 33 minutes, Royal Blood is relatively short compared to other popular albums. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as it keeps the fans wanting to hear more. Short and sweet! It helps their talent stand out more, implies that they have a lot more to give and that the future is bright for rock music. They just don’t want to give it all away just yet, leaving room for at least a few more albums! Take a look at one of their influences, Arctic Monkeys; they had a couple of hits at the beginning, developed in the last seven years or so and have become one of the biggest contemporary rock bands of the 21st century. There is no reason why Royal Blood cannot do the same!

This British pair will be gracing main stages for a while and really have the potential to put on a rocking headlining festival act. Just listening to this album as a record is not enough, and we cannot wait for the chance to see them live. We have high hopes that rock music is making a huge comeback!


For fans of Arctic Monkeys and Foo Fighters, check out their album Royal Blood, available now.