After a series of EPs, Gnarwolves are finally done and dusted with their self titled debut album.

Just by looking at the album cover alone, it already give you an idea of what vibe the album gives out, Straight up fast and catchy punk rock, and the vibe is followed through throughout the album. Check out what Thom Weeks (Guitarist/Vocalist) has to say about the album before we take a look at the tracks:

“Lyrically, the songs are snapshots of my own neurosis, trying to capture those moments where you stop being rational and become a slave to your own thought process. The moments where you think you’ve completely fucked everything, before you speak to someone and they put life back into perspective.”

The album opens with 3 fast moving tracks: “Prove It”,  “Boneyard” and “Everything You Go” before slowing things down for, “Bottle To Bottle”. This track is a much slower, sensitive song based around drinking and trying to forget about things. The track begins with a more heartfelt, slow build up “I’ve been smoking until I lose myself, i’ve been painting pictures of you that makes no sense. But i’m getting close to the answer, acknowledged a trend, if we start drinking heavily the walls might stop shrinking”, to a raw and sing-along chorus “let’s get drunk in your car, we made a mess of the ceiling…”

Track 5 is the ironically named lead single from the album, “Smoking Kills” which was released way back in July, the song is a proclaimed skating anthem,- chanting “We are the product of a broken class. But, we weren’t raised to be fucking morons. I am the product of my fathers burden, It wasn’t promised to me” repeatedly through the song. Smoking Kills is sure to go down incredibly energetically live, and definitely one of the best songs on the album.

Following the first 5 tracks are another 2 upbeat sounding tracks, “Day Man” and “Hate Me (Don’t Stand Still)”, which follow into another slower track Ebb. It almost sounds like an interlude at first until the vocals come in almost halfway through the track which, again, slowly build up to a slowly mostly instrumental chorus, and builds back down quickly to the end of the song. To some, this song may sound like a filler and quite pointless. However, to me it sounds how Summer sounds, you can almost even visualise skating with friends to this song in the heat of summer.

The final two tracks on the album are “Flow” and (the album’s longest song, at 5:09) “Eat Dynamite, Kid”. “Flow” is a both a great song and one of the catchiest on the album, but what it really feels like is a fun build up to the final track on the album. “Eat Dynamite, Kid” is hands down the best song on the album. It’s got it all. The perfectly messy punk sound, brilliant bass intro, great riffs and gang vocals. Although, the part that really stands out is at 2:15 when the song seems to end at go completely quiet… Only to kick back in at 2:41 with a much heavier, punk sound. It almost sounds like a completely different band, screaming “Gnarwolves cru” and diving into a slightly crazier, scratchy and heavier instrumental interlude. It then kicks back in with more screaming and shouting, and intense guitar riffs. The song gives a much more rebellious, angry vibe shouting “No pain, no gain” and following with palm muted guitar playing which is frequently interrupted by yelling and high pitched riffs, which fade into silence and end the album.

This album is definitely 10 times better than expected, and defines what the band does best.


Gnarwolves is out September 15th through Big Scary Monsters/Tangled Talk. You can pre-order it here.