Weezer are back.

No, they may never have gone away, but they’re back. It’s evident that Weezer are calling back to their old sound, especially when you consider that Everything Will Be Alright In The End was produced by Ric Ocasek- otherwise known as the man responsible for having produced both Blue Album and Green Album.

Straight off into ‘Ain’t Got Nobody,’ early influences can be felt, with the guitar intro being very reminiscent of that of ‘Hash Pipe.’ That said, you can tell this song has something new beyond the introduction. It’s a very upbeat song, despite the subject matter of having nobody to love.

‘Back To The Shack,’ the first single taken from the album, sounds so much like early Weezer that you would be forgiven, upon hearing it, for thinking it actually was an old song you had missed. The lyrics even suggest that Cuomo and co. spent their time for this album trying to rediscover their roots: “Take me back/ Back to the shack/ Back to the strat with the lightning strap/ Kick in the door/ More hardcore/ Rockin’ out like it’s ’94,” with 1994 being the year Blue Album was released. The official music video for ‘Back To The Shack,’ which was uploaded on 30th September is typically quirky, showing the band performing the song on the moon before the illuminated ‘W’ logo ascends behind them.

‘Cleopatra,’ the second single from the album, starts with a harmonica riff before introducing the heavier instruments for the chorus. The song references the famous Ptolemaic Queen of Egypt, mentioning “Lady Pharaoh/ The jewel of the Nile.” It goes on to address fading beauty and the ageing process, and being released from Cleopatra’s spell: “You can’t control me no more, Cleopatra.”

The band, who have a Fall tour of the northeast and southwest US planned, will be playing the album in full on 6 of those dates, details of which can be found on their website (https://www.weezer.com). Assuming they’re playing it in order, the final three songs, ‘I. The Waste Land,’ ‘II. Anonymous,’ and ‘III. Return To Ithaka,’ will flow into one another to translate beautifully into a magical, even festival-worthy, live finale.

All in all, Everything Will Be Alright In The End is old Weezer all over, in the best way possible. Pretty much every song is anthemic and memorable, which is exactly what they needed. These songs will be incredible live.

Everything Will Be Alright In The End is out 6th October via Republic Records, and is available via iTunes.


Back To The Shack