Mercury-nominated and Brit Award winner singer-songwriter Ben Howard has released his long awaited second album! I Forget Where We Were delves deeper in to the thoughts and feelings of the emotive artist. And expectations were certainly high for this one following his debut album being awarded platinum status.

The opening song, ‘Small Things’, eases you into this deep and trance-like melody. It takes a few a few minutes for the rhythm to break and the beat to get going. Once you get into it, you feel like you’re going to be transported on a journey for the rest of the album. The song builds up gradually leading really smoothly onto the upbeat ‘Rivers In Your Mouth’.

‘I Forget Where We Were’, the title track of this record. Is another pleasant track to sway and dance to. Good lyrics and full of emotion. This is a familiar sound fans would love and a crowd pleaser that new audiences would enjoy.

‘In Dreams’ immediately starts off with an intricately played guitar melody. It picks up the pace and draws you in. You could really imagine the atmosphere whether it be in a small venue or a big festival audience. This is a winning track as it keeps you wanting more.

A particular interesting track is ‘Time is Dancing’, it steers away from the usual Damien Rice like vocals and slow guitar riffs. It contains mashed up sounds of guitars and haunting backing voices which are continuous throughout, makes it very suitable to have the word Time in the title. It has a likeable weird atmosphere within this song, and the difference between this and some of his other tracks make it quite unique in its own right.

‘End Of The Affair’ begins slowly and is full of raw emotion and builds up towards the end. Howard has taken this song back to basics of simple guitar playing and his tender expressive voice he is so well known for. It pulls at the heart strings and may bring a tear or two to ones eye. A very beautiful piece of work.

I Forget Where We Were is one of those albums that can be described as a slow-burner and it certainly grows on you. However, overall it is a very good album and definitely one for the fans and those who prefer the emotive and variable sound Ben Howard conveys so well. It will be interesting to see how existing fans and new listeners receive it.

I Forget Where We Were is available now through Island Records. You can stream the title track below.