April 2013: Arizona pop rockers The Summer Set release their third full-length record entitled Legendary, which earns them a cult following made up of new and older fans, all together calling themselves ‘Legends’ – a much needed rebranding, seeing as before, fans liked to go by the moniker of ‘Crowbars’, which doesn’t sound all that inviting.

It’s been 20 months since then, and The Summer Set have come out from hiding, where they’ve been working on their upcoming fourth album that is yet to be titled. They’ve brought to the table a deluxe edition of Legendary which is sure to tide fans over during the wait until the next record drops in spring of 2015, as it boasts the original album plus three B-side tracks and an alternate version of the much loved single ‘Lightning In A Bottle’. Having just finished up on a UK tour with Tonight Alive (which, “wasn’t supposed to happen,” said vocalist Brian Logan Dales), the quintet are to head back in to the studio to continue working on next year’s release. But what do we think of the new tracks?

‘Welcome To The World’ is an inspirational anthem, much like other tracks on the original version of Legendary such as ‘Maybe Tonight’ and ‘Legendary’ itself. If this one doesn’t motivate you to do something spectacular with your life then something is seriously up!

‘Slip Away’ actually sounds more like it belongs on the band’s sophomore release Everythings Fine, with its tale of desperation to stay together – “Can we hold on to each other?” is a striking lyric in the chorus, and so despite it sounding slightly misplaced on an album which otherwise is all about “being the best version of yourself”, it’s a powerful track.

‘Accidental Billionaires’ is the last of the B-sides and managed to land itself in to the soundtrack of a Taco Bell advert in the United States – we think just because of how good it is! This one tells an incredible story, “We can run off to Vegas, I can put all my money on you. We’ll be accidental billionaires drinking from the fountain of youth…” – doesn’t that sound exactly like something you’d want to do with your life?

The alternate version of ‘Lightning In A Bottle’ is obviously nothing new lyrically, but the production behind it is entirely different, creating a dreamy setting that’s worlds away from the original song. It’s the absolute perfect soundtrack to 3AM drives in the rain, if that’s your kind of thing… or scrolling through Tumblr. Either way, this redesigned effort is a perfect addition to that “sleepy time” playlist that every teenager under the sun has on their iTunes or Spotify.

A complete family effort with tracks produced by bassist Stephen Gomez and guitarist John Gomez, as well as by Cameron Montgomery who techs for pop band Hot Chelle Rae and happens to be the brother of The Summer Set’s other guitarist Josh Montgomery, this deluxe version of Legendary is certainly something special, and will hopefully quell those cravings for new material that fans seem to be experiencing.