With the album kicking off like the soundtrack to a Tarantino flick, Two Gallants seem like a band that mean business in 2015. Their dirty western intro soon makes way for a rip-roaring-riff that is the start of the album’s title track, ‘We Are Undone’, which is without doubt a stand-out track on their new record and, according to band member Adam Stephens, it is about “… trying to make sense of this unending pressure to acquire and consume…”

For anyone who is not too well versed in the life of Two Gallants, you may be surprised to read that they have been releasing music as a ‘folk rock’ duo since as far back as 2002. So, to say they sometimes remind this listener of The Raconteurs would be doing them an injustice, since they were around first. Now, I’m not saying they are as good as the aforementioned, but they certainly have some of that southern-rock swagger, just not as much. Hailing from San Francisco, the duo has been playing together since they were 12 years old and had amassed four albums before this release as Two Gallants, but this fifth outing is most probably their most noteworthy.

What is to be said about these guys is that they have a raw honesty about their sound; they don’t hide behind effects and over-production, and after repeated listens, this only makes you warm to the album more and more. Definitely with more ‘rock’ than ‘folk’ in their sound, they are, at times, reminiscent of the indie bands that were around in the early naughties; ‘Fools Like Us’ has the hunger of Supergrass in their heyday.

In fact it is this “hunger” that is surprising in their sound. For, here are a couple of guys who are touching mid 30s and have been on the circuit for nearly 15 years, but yet have managed to conjure up an album that sounds like that of a debut: it has purpose.


We Are Undone is out 2nd February on ATO Records. Stream the title track below, which is available as an instant download when you pre-order the album through Two Gallants’ website or on iTunes!