Nate Mendel never needed to release a solo album, he’s not only been in Foo Fighters from the beginning quietly holding the rhythm together, he was also in first wave emo-pioneers Sunny Day Real Estate; put simply, Nate Mendel has nothing left to prove. However like his good friend Dave, the lure of a side project was too strong and thus here we are with If I Kill This Thing We’re All Going To Eat For a Week, the very first release under his alter ego ‘Lieutenant’.

 ‘Belle Epoque’ opens the album with one of the most summery songs you may ever here, and if released in a couple of months time could go on to be huge, while ‘The Place You Wanna Go’ takes you right back to the late 90s when sunny day real estate were at their peak. ‘Behold the Squalor’ and  ‘Prepared Remarks’ continue the grungy, spaced out vibe of the record, even adding an unexpected cowbell to the mix, which fits far better than a cowbell probably should. ‘Sink Sand’ and ‘Articifical Limbs’ throw in splashes of brass and strings, giving the record a hint of everything you could ever want in an album, before ‘Lift the Sheet’ bearing a striking resemblance to Sunny Day Real Estate’s ‘Killed By An Angel’ brings the album to an atmospheric close.

It was an unexpected released when it was announced, and an even more surprising experience when finally heard, butIf I Kill This Thing We’re All Going To Eat For a Week stands to be one of the finest surprises of 2015. A joy to listen to from beginning to end, Nate Mendel has crafted a Sublime mix of his emo beginnings, arena conquests, and clear love of classic pop music to make a brilliant album and hopefully the first of many.