Album: Wolfmother - Victorious
3.5Overall Score

It’s hard to believe that Wolfmother have been rocking it out, in one form or another, since 2000, and officially since 2004.  12 years on they release only their fourth studio album, the latest two coming in the last two years.

Victorious is another slice of all out rock from the Australian duo (at the point of writing), with Stockdale, who will turn 40 this year, still showing he has the pipes for the job. His voice on this latest outing having the wonderful drone-like tone of Ozzy on some tracks (‘Happy Face’), mix that with the hunger and sharp edge of The Music’s Robert Harvey, as well as the occasional hint of Mr. Gaz Coombes and you’ve got yourself a wonderful, raw concoction.

The riffs come thick and fast, the drum rolls unfolding like they are tumbling down the side of a mountain. They set their stall out from the get-go and then proceed to hustle and bustle you with their brand of “in your face” rock, much like the aforementioned Robert Harvey and Co. did with their debut outing, all those years ago.

There are many influences at play here, not more so than the Muse-ness of the title track ‘Victorious’, but beneath it all is the musicianship of guys who know how to write and play some good, old fashioned rock music: It’s energetic, it’s fun and it’s 100% Wolfmother.

The only let up is on ‘Baroness’, which sounds like a tip of the hat to Supergrass but then goes slightly over the top in production, like Kings Of Leon did when they used somebody. It is a good track but may have been better left with a bit more honesty and realness. After that, it’s right back to business with one of the stand out tracks ‘City Lights’, which has all the pizazz of the psychedelic rock of yesteryear; Hammond organ and all.

You know what you are going to get when you purchase a Wolfmother album and their latest offering is no different, though better, than their last. If they were a wood stain remover they would be Ronseal: They do exactly what it says on the tin – they rock!

Victorious is available from February 19th through Universal. Currently on tour in the States, Wolfmother will be in the UK from 9 April 2016, starting in Manchester.

Check out the music video for title-track ‘Victorious’ below.