Album: Tonight Alive - Limitless
4.0Overall Score

If you have any preconceived notions of Tonight Alive and what you think Limitless is as a body of work, guaranteed you’ll be surprised when you hear the album as a whole. The singles released beforehand are only a snippet of the complete transition the band have made since their last release back in 2013. Before you get disappointed and realise this isn’t the pop-punk band they once were, that edge is still there, just buried beneath a willingness to create their own sound and break down a few barriers on the way.

To Be Free’ is the closest sound you’ll find to the prior release and it’s fitting to open the album. The bridge is tongue twisting melody of “I’m limitless” over and over again and overall possesses a dominant booming design but amongst the other album tracks feels more like the goodbye to the Tonight Alive of the past.

Human Interaction’ is delivered with relatively dejected yet compelling vocals from front-woman Jenna McDougall. The bridge “I will be better” is sung more than as promise, but an affirmation as to where the singer is at today. Being the first track they unveiled after a few years in the dark about their new music, it’s a powerful statement that left fans on the fence but hearing it inside the whole album is where the meaning truly stands out.

Drive’ is where the album flips around, slightly poppy but still with the empowering lyrics Limitless is offering. The sickeningly dance worthy chorus is the main groover of the whole album which would most likely translate to be more superior live than on record. The rockiest track on the album, ‘How Does It Feel?’ still has that new sounding edge to it. A forceful drum beat leads the entire song with some strikingly chugging guitar tones in the verses, between the slightly muffled ‘woahs’ sounding like they’re part of a past memory. “I can set you in my sight now, I like it better when I bite down” earns a giggle from the singer and off floats the song accompanied by a piano melody that travels across the entire album.

It’s really hard not to feel drawn to the positive notations this album creates and forcefully travels across the ever changing feelings of high and low. ‘Waves’ falls on the side of low, what seems a metaphor for the struggle between what seems a toxic relationship, based on the ocean waves. ‘I Defy’ is a diverse, self-affirming, loud and proud track with some record scratches that you could mistake for a sample of a Linkin Park track.

This is a group of songs that are genuine to their core, the band are challenging the boundaries of their own music by creating what they wish. And rounding the album off, ‘The Greatest’, an acoustic remedy of positive lyrics “my love unconditional, happiness undying” is booming message to end to album on an optimistic note.