Album: Black Peaks - Statues
4.0Overall Score

Formed in 2013 and hailing from Brighton, Black Peaks have been biding their time carefully, crafting their sound and building a cult following organically. After steadily increased radio airplay from Radio 1’s Rock Show, and stand-out performances at last year’s festivals, including packed tents at Reading and Leeds, the band are now set to unleash debut album Statues into the public conscience.

Recent single ‘Glass Built Castles’ launches Statues with a blast beat and a rallying call from frontman Will Gardner, before settling into a much more prog-based sound and an almighty chorus to show off early the power of Gardner’s vocals. It is on ‘Say You Will’ however that you get to fully appreciate the range in  vocal, switching from emotive crooning, to banshee scream, to hardcore roar, and back again; meanwhile Andrew Godsen’s bass provides a hypnotic backing track.

From the atmospheric prog leanings of ‘Drones’ to the math-rock of ‘Hang ‘em High’ and epic choruses like that on ‘White Eyes’, it is evident that an extensive range of infuences and have gone into shaping the sound of Black Peaks, with hints of Mastodon, Rolo Tomassi, and at times even echoes of industrial metal.

Black Peaks have frequently been billed as one of the most exciting prospects in the UK alternative scene and rightfully so, Statues is an outstanding piece of work that continues to improve with each and every lesson. The musicianship is tight and complimentary, Will Gardner’s vocals (and moustache) are an experience in their own right, and if there had to be one complaint its that some songs can feel a tad repetitive…though that may also be down to the number of times it has been played.

Statues is available from Friday April 8th, make sure you hear it asap.