Album: Architects - All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us
5.0Overall Score

Its fair to say that, at On Record Magazine, we rather like Architects, you only have to look back at our live reviews and interview with Sam Carter in 2014 to know this. So the announcement of new album All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us (AOGHAU) was naturally met with great excitement, but does it live up to the anticipation?

Nihilist’ doesn’t so much open the album, more slams down and screams ‘Architects are back!’ in your face. With a blistering roar and a blastbeat its immediately clear that the band haven’t lost their touch in the time since Lost Forever // Lost Together (LF // LT). ‘Phantom Fear’ continues to build on the sludgy, doom-laden blueprint first laid on Daybreaker, continued on LF//LT, but is much heavier and much darker than either of those records. Sam Carter’s bellow of ‘no love no empathy, our fellow man has become the enemy’ hammers home the message.

Gone With The Wind’ which many will be familiar with as the lead single off the album, and ‘Gravity’ stand out on an all-round huge album, with Sam Carter’s vocals improving yet again, Tom Searle’s guitars sounding far more technical and concise than before and the rhythm section of Dan Searle and Alex Dean’s bring new meaning to ‘heavy’.  

The closing track from AOGHAU, Memento Mori’ deserves a section all by itself; an 8 minute epic that few would have expected from Architects 5/6 years ago. Interlaced with propaganda recordings, orchestral synths, and the most visceral sound to ever come from Sam Carter, to call it the band’s masterpiece would be an understatement.

Following the release of Lost Forever // Lost Together it was hard to envisage where Architects could go next, and yet on All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us they have managed to step it up a whole new level. Politically charged lyrics with a furious delivery, thunderous rhythms and huge guitars have been combined to create a behemoth of a record that is sure to win over a whole new legion of fans. Architects are on a seemingly endless wave of creative spark at the moment and we should savour it for all its worth, watching one of the UK’s finest metal bands continuing to develop and hone their sound. With All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us Architects have further enforced that they are perhaps the most relevant band in the United Kingdom right now, and we should celebrate just how special a record this is.