Apocalypse is the latest addition to the ever-expanding list of releases from the experimental electronic label Brainfeeder. The album was created by jazzy bassist and vocalist Stephen Bruner (aka Thundercat), and produced by close friend (and boss) Flying Lotus.

The album takes full advantage of Bruner’s bass expertise and FlyLo’s left field electronic production; an approach which has come to be the prevailing factor of Brainfeeder’s sound. Apocalypse is noticeably more emotional than the last album, and takes a darker, more in depth approach musically and lyrically to its predecessor. Both Bruner and FlyLo have spoken openly about the unexpected death of close friend and colleague Austin Peralta, and it’s clear that this album is laced with bereavement throughout.

Bruner has demonstrated his soulful vocals to the fullest in this album, which is impressive considering he comes from a background of mainly session bass work. According to FlyLo, little to no pitch correction was needed throughout the album. When the album was released, FlyLo live tweeted his reactions to it as he listened again, stating: ‘we didn’t use no pitch correction at all on this album.. I’m so proud of that.. and him.’ Touching stuff… And when a producer of FlyLo’s calibre thinks your vocal samples sound perfect, you must be doing something right.

At the risk of contradicting myself, I think it’s clear that fun was had making this album; ‘Oh Sheit It’s X’ is an upbeat, funky track that the world of dance music is embracing rapidly. It’s a lovely thing that though all the pain that Bruner and the Brainfeeder family have had to suffer of late, there is still enjoyment to be had.