HALFNOISE - Sudden Feeling
3.0Overall Score

You could be forgiven for forgetting that Zac Farro, A.K.A – HALFNOISE, is about to release his second album Sudden Feeling, with the news that he has rejoined Paramore as drummer for a short time in the studio as they create their next album; but thus here we are to discuss Sudden Feeling and how the younger Farro sibling has fared in a solo effort, the second time round.

‘Know The Feeling’ is a perfect summer song, with layers of tremolo synths overwhelming your ears from the opening notes right to the end, as do Farro’s notably more mature, breathy vocals singing the infectious ‘oh I know the feeling’ chorus. ‘In The Summer’ continues the summer feeling, sounding how you would imagine the Postal Service would sound if they were to release a record in 2016, while recent single ‘Telephone’ is far more toned down and in-line with debut album Volcano Crowe, though just as colourful in sound as its video.

‘Picture of You’ and ‘Better Then’ close the album on a very different note to the other tracks, taking on a more sombre and subdued tone, more akin to the lyrics throughout. With stripped back instrumentals, in comparison to the rest of the album and a very 80s sound, the two tracks hint at where Farro could be taking HALFNOISE on future records.

Sudden Feeling is a good album, there’s no doubt about that, but it leaves you longing for something more; as luxurious as the production is, the bouncy synths, the contrasting sorrowful vocal melodies, and the mournful lyrics; it feels like Sudden Feeling lacks an extra ‘something’ to take it to the level Farro is clearly capable of achieving. As a result the album leaves you feeling disappointingly luke-warm because the potential is clearly there, however that also doesn’t stop it being an ideal record for enjoying a sunny day with an ice-lolly.