The Dillinger Escape Plan - Dissociation
5.0Overall Score

Imagine a world without the Dillinger Escape Plan; sadly, this is a reality we’ll soon have to face whether we like it not, but at least we get a swansong in the shape of Dissociation.

Without warning the album launches straight into Greg Puciato’s vocals and a vicious staccato guitar, with the track closing on a punishing outro. ‘Limerent Death’ is hands down one of the best songs The Dillinger Escape Plan have ever written, it’s the archetype song of their back catalogue.

‘Symptom of a Terminal Illness’ goes on a much darker, ‘GoldTeeth on a Bum’ style trip, while ‘Wanting So Much as to Not to’ harks back to Calculating Infinity era Dillinger.

It’s worth noting at this point that every member of the band is on stupendous form, made evident throughout the record that they had no intention of bowing out with a whisper.

To say Dissociation is filled with curveballs would be an understatement, ‘Fugue’ is 3 and a half minutes of drum & bass, ‘Nothing to Forget’ sounds straight out of New-Wave, and closer ‘Dissociation’ introduces an orchestra; it’s like Ben Weinman & co have decided that as it’s their final record, they’re going to do whatever they want regardless of the past – and that is the Dillinger Escape Plan in a nutshell.

Lyrically Dissociation is vicious and dark, all of the song titles relate to death or an ending of-sort, musically it’s more raucous than ever before, and vocally it’s the finest, most unhinged performance Greg Puciato has ever put to tape.

The Metal world, and indeed music world will be a much calmer, quieter place without the Dillinger Escape Plan, it’s no exaggeration to say they changed the face of alternative music and paved the way for the likes of Meshuggah, Periphery, Sikth, and countless others. In Dissociation they’ve not only done justice to their back catalogue, but enriched it with some of their finest material. If you have the chance, don’t miss their final tour of the UK in January, it’s sure to be a celebration of epic proportions…on their terms of course.