Vukovi - Vukovi
4.0Overall Score

Scottish quartet Vukovi have been around for a while but are finally ready to drop their debut album and make sure everybody knows it. Prior singles ‘Bouncy Castle’ and ‘Boy George’ take a slightly cleaner and sharper turn for the better so the new and unheard tracks are about to follow suit right? After hearing opener ‘La Di Da’ then the answer to that is yes.

Vocalist Janine Shilstone has explained how ‘La Di Da’ is slightly inspired by The Joker and Harley Quinn’s relationship, having loved the comics growing up. “The song portrays an abusive relationship unbeknown to the victim… I remember the moment it came together; me and Hamish (Reilly, guitars) in my flat drinking pretentious cocktails, laptop, tiny amp and guitar.” The entire track is three minutes of hostile and crazed vocals, that apparently took a while to come together, but the patience seems to have payed off and it makes for a praiseworthy opener.

The following tracks; ‘And He Lost His Mind, a surging attack of peculiar guitar parts complimenting Shilstone’s rolling vocals and ‘Weirdo’ with its synth verses, adding layers upon layers to this already multitoned album, continue the magic charm of what Vukovi have to offer. The booming melodies of ‘Prey’ are encased inside a track thriving with truthful entities and how “we are deadly monsters, waiting for you under your bed.” Making you repeat and repeat.

‘I’m Wired’ showcases just how much Vukovi can shove into one song, some lulling guitars lead the track into beating drums and an electronic backing track rising the track into a chorus with overwhelming energies. Shilstone wrote the track “trying to describe being in a relationship with severe depression and trying to express that you need that person even though you don’t show it most of the time.” Which itself explained why the track encases such all over the place emotion and intriguing use of instrumentals.

Overall this wonderfully quirky, rambunctious album embraces more emotions than an emo teenager. Vukovi have now found a style that gives you something to dance to as you scream along to the sometimes melancholy lyrics. On the surface it’s like a big colourful neon sign of of artistic talent, but underneath the bubbly bouncing drums and fun guitar melodies, the tracks have a serious and much deeper message. Which is what makes this album just that bit more special.