Movements - Feel Something
5.0Overall Score

Movements’ new album Feel Something is a flowing, poetic exposition of human emotion. It gets off to a running start; right away on the first song, vocalist Patrick Miranda sings about the “cycle” coming “full circle.”

The almost spoken word parts at the end of the first song and at other points on the record are beautiful and help lay bare the poetic feeling under the music. This music is poetry- there is no lack of thought behind the lyrics. Miranda reached into his psyche and painted the picture of what he was feeling with words.

He’s confident in his singing, switching between spoken word and strained/ screamed vocals and normal singing freely. The music is emotional but confident.

It’s almost startlingly compelling when on the second track, Miranda sings, “So I’m going to keep you close to me so I can feel you be my third degree.”

The album is energetically emotional. As to the harsh nature of some of the lyrics — presented in a musically soft spoken context — Miranda reveals a level of confidence through the pain and possibly crippling emotion in making these connections and assertions.

He draws from personal experience in making his songs; the texture of his emotion isn’t pulled out of thin air. For instance, on the track called ‘Colorblind,’ Miranda compares being unable to appreciate someone who loves him as being colorblind — and he really is colorblind.

Similarly, the track called ‘Deadly Dull’ tells the story of a man suffering through Alzheimer’s Disease, and that man is Miranda’s girlfriend’s grandfather.

The music generally has a nice meandering air to it. It matches Miranda’s singing; there isn’t any empty space.  Overall, Feel Something is close to an emotional roller coaster. They wanted to make listeners “feel something” with this release, and their effort is by all appearances a success.

The tracks are memorable; they are poetic but also contain parts that make you want to sing along. There are occasional abrupt shifts in the emotion of the narrative, but it’s accurate in terms of its gently pressing portrayal of a human experience.

After a strong emotive storytelling opening section, it goes into a more thick melodic jam session Just when you least expect it, the track called ‘Deep Red’ hits you with some snarky low notes. It’s a standout track for sure, helping to show the breadth of their music ability.

Looking at the album as a whole, it’s a well constructed piece of art. “Cause I’ve been screaming but nothing’s changed!” Miranda sings on the last song, before sending listeners off by saying, “All I can do is hope for change.”