The Used - The Canyon
5.0Overall Score

The Used is back with their seventh studio, The Canyon. An epic album containing seventeen songs that form a musical novel. For this album, the band recorded everything on tape without a click rack…no backing track. This decision adds to the album’s rawness. Since every track was recorded without multiple takes. What happened in the studio is what you exactly hear for the final product. The Used brings the live experience through your headphones.

The Canyon is painfully autobiographical. The opening track, ‘For You’ sets the tone for the album. Listeners get a true look into Bert McCracken’s mind. In the heart of the album, ‘Upper Falls’ is about losing a close friend.

There’s political and literary references weaving in and out around the lyrics to go with the personal tone of the album. Even though some songs are linked to past events (such as the Cold War), the words can apply to today’s political climate and current events. Check out ‘Cold War Telescope’ and especially ‘The Quiet War‘. Lines reference to George Orwell’s dystopian novel, 1984 (“Was two in 1984 / Big brother the actor you voted for / Democracy’s slogan, protecting the walls of capitalists…” Another politically charged literary link is within ‘Selfies In Aleppo’ McCracken reads a passage from Orwell’s “Homage to Catalonia”. The passage serves as a reference point for the song.

This new album is similar to an actual canyon. It’s steep with different levels of emotions. Lyrics and notes flow like a river within it. Lifelong Used fans and yes even new fans will connect with this record. Simply, The Canyon is The Used truly unfiltered.