Like Moths To Flames - Dark Divine
4.5Overall Score

American metalcore band, Like Moths To Flames created another heavy album, Dark Divine (produced by Erik Ron at Grey Area Studios and mixed by Beartooth’s Caleb Shomo). Compared to previous albums, Dark Divine is the band’s most cohesive album to date. The songwriting is stronger and more concrete themes can be found throughout the entire album. The album is a self reflection on loneliness, doubt, and distrust with a bitter edge.

The overall content of Dark Divine holds true to the title. It’s a dark album but it’s straight to the point. Usually with darkness, there’s light. That’s not the case with this album, as stated in the song ‘Dark Divine’: “There’s no light inside my dark”. Another standout track is ‘From The Dust Returned”: “Now I’ll sleep with one eye open / How do I learn to trust again / When all I know is fighting from the bottom / Hard to know what’s left here in the end”.

Like Moths To Flames created a near flawless album. Dark Divine is the examination of inner turmoil. The melodic range is more present in this work of art and it fits perfectly with the darkness of the album.