Vapor is the latest release from RMBA’s graduate, Yosi Horikawa, consisting of 16 fun, enchanting and emotive pieces of music. Hailing from Osaka and later relocating to Tokyo, Horikawa has been part of numerous releases and collaborative projects, and this release is to be the most prolific to date.

The album, titled Vapor, takes the listener on a journey through vast soundscapes and adventures of the mind. It’s easy to hear the use of tones and textures within the music and how these blend together in synchronous harmony. The experimental approach to music that Horikawa uses can be found in the multiple, natural-recorded samples that play a vital role when woven into the fabric of the piece of music. Each element within the tracks appears to have its own separate entity allowing for the music to come alive, this is more apparent in ‘Summer in 1987’, where the space-like sounds react in unison with the percussion.

‘Maki’ has an ethnic twang to the instrumentation but with a jump-up groove, which is a surprising yet relaxing at the same time. An intriguing track within this listening experience is ‘Space’, which has visible traces of jazz throughout; this piece has been precisely executed to be able to portray select imagery to the audience.

Listening to this album was an absolute pleasure; it allowed me to zone out of everything going on around me and just focus on the music, the message and the perceptual images being projected from this. I strongly believe that there are no stand-out tracks on this album, but that they are all superbly encapsulating, this allows for the tracks to be blended together giving a seamless musical experience. This album is a great edition to anyone’s music library and is well worth the listen.