San Diego natives Pierce The Veil have seemingly come a long way in a short time, and having been a band for seven years this isn’t immediately apparent. They have only very recently exploded onto the scene and taken the world by storm by playing shows across five continents in as many months. This Is A Wasteland is a summary of just that; 2013 in tours for the post-hardcore band, from their first time in South East Asia playing indoor festivals to headline shows in Latin America and everything in between, documenting the ups and downs of tour life.

A combination of footage from on stage performances and the band’s days off gives an insight into what it’s like to be Pierce The Veil not only when they’re playing shows, but also during their down time where they become regular guys who just like to have a good time. This is evident in not only their undertaking of tourist activities in the countries they’ve never been to before, but also their never-ending necessity to embrace the nightlife of wherever they are – often leading to undeniable inebriation!

It’s not all fun and games though, and things definitely do go wrong – such as the band’s performance at Soundwave Festival in Perth, Australia, which was cut short after only three songs. Incredibly raw footage shows the band’s reaction to the news that the stage manager was ‘pulling the plug’, and the heartbroken response from the fans who had paid to get in to the festival to see their favourite band. Despite the awful circumstances, it was a very strategic move to put something like this in a band documentary, as it shows that not everything about being a rock star is perfect and there can be incredibly hard times.

Narrated by the band themselves, This Is A Wasteland ultimately shows the outcome of continuous touring across the world, and the effect it has on the band members who miss their family and friends. They look back on their experiences, and the fact that it’s all worth it for the happiness of their steadily growing fan base, saying that “they are truly the ones who have given us the opportunity to do what we love”. Overall, it’s an excellent effort from Pierce The Veil for their first feature.


This Is A Wasteland is out on 25th November, and can be pre-ordered now through Pierce The Veil’s website. Until then, check out the official trailer for the DVD below!