Pittsburg DJ and producer Robert Balotsky, better known as Buku, returns with Fooled, another stunning release that builds on his already unique bass-heavy sound and complex production.

This freaky four-track kicks off with the title track, an intricate and dark take on not only trap music, but his sound as well. It sets an impressive tone for the EP, with heavy distorted synths playing a simple yet fitting melody over his signature bass sound, with eerie vocal samples dancing over the top.

The impressive tone continues with the amusingly titled ‘Booty Clapasaurus’, a head-nodding and hard-hitting track reminiscent of his older releases, yet the intricacy and production has been stepped up immensely. ‘Slap It’ makes a decent segue, continuing the energetic feel of the previous track with a catchy brass melody bouncing around with the other synths and samples.

The final track ‘Tip Toe’ brings you full circle with again, eerie vocal samples and is perhaps the most interesting track of this release with out-of-the-ordinary synth lines and distinct sample work sitting atop a powerful bass line.

Buku has been slowly but surely making a name for himself in the bass music and trap scene with a sound like no other, and this mind-blowing release really sets itself apart from a lot of the middle-of-the-road bass music of today.


Fooled is out now on Pilot Records, and can be previewed below. Check out Buku’s website, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud and YouTube pages.