Frightened Rabbit are putting everything they have into their single releases from their latest album, this year’s Pedestrian Verse. Instead of releasing a single and a video, they are releasing short EPs both including and named after those singles, with brand new songs on each and every one. The third release from the album is September 2nd’s The Woodpile EP, which consists of the title track and three brand spanking new songs.

‘The Woodpile’ opens the EP, as has become niche for these releases, with deep, methodical, and almost Biblical drums, keeping a steady rhythm throughout the builds and falls of the track. The familiarity of the track leading onto the rest of the EP makes this record feel like a natural continuation of Pedestrian Verse, with Scott Hutchinson’s raw emotional vocals against uplifting, yet dejected, anthemic music.

Second track ‘Default Blues’ firmly sets the tone of despondent heartbreak in the EP with the repetition of both “There isn’t a cure” and “What are you running from?”. The track itself begins with an uneasy atmosphere, to mirror the uneasy feelings Hutchinson is belting out with more and more intensity throughout the four minute track. The sound of ‘Default Blues’ itself is both similar to and different from what we have come to expect from Frightened Rabbit, as the bridge implements a simpler sound for the short moment it exists in the song with wooden blocks used for the beat as opposed to the thick drums often preferred by the Scotsmen.

‘Candlelit’ is the heart-wrenching closing ballad of the EP, with echoing, muted guitar and drums against crisp clear vocals. “I’m ready, I’m willing to wage/A gut-wrenched war for a minute of your time” is one particular line showing the vulnerability of Scott in the post-breakup momentum that spearheads the track. This leads into lyrics such as “Look at the bloodbath/Look at the mess I have made/With my bare hands I have killed/Just to be candlelit with you” with a worrying lack of emotion yet still full of passion for lost love.

The Woodpile EP is one not to be missed, and truly marks this as the year of the rabbit. Stream ‘Default Blues’ below, and be sure to check out the EP when it’s released on 2nd September.

[rating: 4]