Frank Turner just doesn’t stop. After whirlwind tours across the world and then discovering he’s got a back injury that has him partially wheelchair bound (but still gigging!), he’s now releasing ‘Losing Days’ as the third official single off his fifth solo album Tape Deck Heart in the way of an EP. The EP has treats for fans new and old, such as a re-recording of ‘Longing for the Day’, a old B-Side of Frank’s.

The EP begins with the lead single and title track ‘Losing Days’, a bright and sunny start to the record, reminiscent of The Cure’s ‘Friday In Love’. Despite the upbeat sound, Frank himself has described the song as being about “How life starts to slip away from you quicker as you get older. Cheery stuff.” The dichotomy between sound and lyrics makes for an incredibly relatable song about something people become sad about, but makes it all feel ok.

‘Hits and Mrs.’ is a new track which would be right at home with the other tracks on Tape Deck Heart. Simpler than Frank’s usually busier tracks full of crashing guitars and booming drums, the song uses simple instruments and, at one point, the charming inclusion of humming voices. The lyrics paint a sweet picture of a girlfriend who’s there for the best and worst of times: “She brings me hangover hugs and comedown kisses/She is my first and my last, she’s all my hits and my Mrs”.

The closer of the EP is a cover of Biffy Clyro’s ‘Who’s Got a Match?’ from their 2007 album Puzzle. While Biffy’s version is loud and brash and mental, Frank slows it down, makes it acoustic and throws in a haunting piano to create a more somber version that brings a different meaning to the lyrics “I’m a fire and I burn, burn, burn tonight”.

The Losing Days EP is a brilliant mix of tracks that displays Frank’s versatility as an artist and shows exactly why he’s become a respected figure throughout the world. The EP is available now, as are tickets for his current European tour, upcoming US/Canada tour and his 2014 UK stadium tour, details of which can be found on Frank’s website.