Seemingly out of nowhere, the Massachusetts indie pop band Passion Pit have released new music in the form of the Constant Conversations EP.

The EP consists of three tracks, and opens with an alternate version of ‘Constant Conversations’ from the band’s 2012 album Gossamer that was recorded by the band in a few spare days in New Zealand. While the album version saw Passion Pit stray away from their usual pop influenced sound and turn ‘Constant Conversations’ into an R&B track, this alternate version has put it back into Passion Pit’s signature style. While the track works brilliantly in its slow and mellow form in context with the album, hearing it again with the Passion Pit sound everyone has come to know and love gives the track a new-found sense of familiarity.

Following this is an unheard track, ‘Ruin Your Day’, a B-side from April 2011 that came about in the pre-production stages of Gossamer. At only two and a half minutes in length, ‘Ruin Your Day’ is kept short and sweet, and is much more in-keeping with the slower and calmer tracks heard on Gossamer. The track focuses on Michael Angelakos’ vocals supported by an electric organ, with the occasional sweeping synthesizer sound and subtle percussion giving the song an atmospheric feeling. The band writes “There are so many outtakes, B-sides and demos that exist but probably will never be released. But for some reason, ‘Ruin Your Day’ just seemed appropriate in the context of Gossamer, especially when paired with ‘Constant Conversations’.”

The third and final track of this EP is a remix of ‘Carried Away’ by Dillon Francis, the original also being taken from Gossamer, which keeps some of the key sounds from Passion Pit’s original but puts a completely different spin on it. Francis has completely manipulated the vocal line and reworked it into something new, building the track up with familiar elements before dropping it into his usual moombahton style. It results in something that sounds as if it could have easily been written for the sole purpose of being a moombahton track, but keeps a few of Passion Pit’s traits in an attempt to bear some resemblance to the original.

The biggest let down with this EP is that it’s over too soon. Barely scraping the 11 minute mark, and with only half of that being new Passion Pit material, the listener is left wanting to hear more of those B-sides that the band were talking about. Maybe some day these tracks will surface and Passion Pit fans around the world can wallow in their glory, but until then, they will have to make do with this EP and hope that their prayers for another album in the not too distant future are answered.


The Constant Conversations EP can be streamed below via Spotify.