Saint Raymond, often tagged as Nottingham’s “next Jake Bugg”, is releasing his follow up EP to last years whirlwind Escapade. The Young Blood EP shows a side of Callum Burrows that is maturing and seeing the world through standstill eyes. Not to mention, it’s a nice collection of songs that have you reminiscing and longing for summer.

The EP opens swith title track ‘Young Blood’, instantly leading into claps, synthesisers and the tinkling of a xylophone. “Sing out young blood/We can’t help what we’re feeling”. The track incorporates gang vocals in the incredibly catchy chorus and it’s so easy to see this is a radio favourite soon with it’s upbeat sound. The track is a slight echo of The 1975, who had an incredible 2013, so here’s hoping that rubs off with this song too.

The next track is ‘Bonfires’, an old favourite in his live setlist but the most it’s ever been released before this point is a rough demo from before his last EP, but following that is ‘Thread’, a song about a love that keeps returning and is impossible to let go of. “She will always be the one with all the answers/She will always be the Queen of second chances”. The song is full of turmoil over this endless cycle of breaking up and getting back together, despite always holding her high up in his heart. Ending with the words “I can’t let go” really sums up the ever-relateable track, something Saint Raymond is very good at.

‘As We Are Now’ is a poignant ending to the EP, with the least instrumentation out of all the tracks and also the shortest track, at just over two minutes. The best way to describe this track is that while ‘Young Blood’ feels like embracing youth, ‘As We Are Now’ feels more like a resignation to getting older and a mantra of sorts to fight off old age. Callum mentioned during a live show in the past that one of the songs from his new EP was about his friends going off to universities all around the country and having to part ways with them, and this is honestly the track that it seems he is talking about.

In the space of under a year, Saint Raymond has completely upped his game with the Young Blood EP and tackles so many relatable points within just four songs. The EP comes out on the 21st of January and it is sure to be one that will leave you wondering just where Saint Raymond will be at this point next year.


Young Blood EP will be available on iTunes from 21st January, and you can stream the title track ‘Young Blood’ below.